Black Rock Shooter

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Black Rock Shooter


Post by Killerwatts » Thu May 25, 2023 10:35 pm

Model By: 300 Heroes
Animations by: 300 Heroes
Edited By: Killerwatts
Effects Taken from:, Blizzard, ... on.322434/

1. Optimized Model
2. Upscaled Textures with Higher Quality
3. Added a TC color version of the texture
4. Added additional animations
  • 0. Morphing between sword and bow
    1. Sword animations edited from one long animation string
    2. Spell channel and Spell for both sword and bow
    3. Attack slam animations for both bow and sword
    4. SFX for spell, channel, death, dissipate, and attack slam
    5. hero glow for sword and bow
    6. proper WC3 effects like footprints and arrows shooting from bow animations and bow string.
    7. Some sound effects for spell channel

Additional Notes:
There is no portrait as the map it is being used on has no portrait window. There are some clipping issues that may be fixed in the future but are not particularly visible in the bird's eye view. An additional sfx will be added for the bow attack slam in the future.

Black RockShooter Final V2.0.7z
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Re: Black Rock Shooter


Post by tobdeg » Sat May 27, 2023 4:31 am


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