[vJass]Distributor v1.0a

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[vJass]Distributor v1.0a


Post by sojocu4 » Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:39 am

Distributor v1.0a


Distributor means a two type which distribute each state, the life and the mana, the main ability is will summon a spirit ball either life or mana, the ball will move infinite style to target position, target could be anyone, caster can cast it to his self and can so to enemy, the ball will move infinite style to target position, when the ball hits an enemy it will distribute state, if the ball is for life the ball will damage them and keep it as a life while the mana will steal mana to hitted enemy until they hit an ally so they will give the state they keep.

After infinite move, the ball will stop and stay until they die, at the moment they stay, the other ability could use them.

The slam,the slingshot, the dragon and the reunion
Can manipulate them

Author's note
Very sorry if the gif's are not high quality i was saving my data because i only used hacked internet data

Also my spell still uses dummy, im sorry for im a legendary pirated user ever since, i cant afford to update my warcraft version, i dont have any budget, im poor programmer XD

-Owner of SpellEffectEvent
-Owner of PlayerUnitEvent
-Vexorian for his dummy

How to Import

First of all copy the imported dummy
Second copy all objects
Finally copy requirements folder and distributor folder

The spell pack is 100% configureable.
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